1985’s Secret Wars Stoyline brought on The Punisher!

Last updated on May 5, 2017 @ 9:53 am

A well known cover of The Punisher Magazine.
I just learned something new today about how The Punisher got his own comic and how he made it into the mainstream world of Marvel Comics– It was the original 1985 Secret Wars storyline that put Frank Castle into comic mainstream and he became very popular as a result. Hopefully The Punisher will still remain popular after this year’s version of Secret Wars comes to an end. The storyline will start in May and run through September. While this is going on, Last year’s Punisher run will still continue beyond Issue #19 I hope. My prediction for Punisher #19 is that the world coming to an end scenario will all be just a dream that Frank will wake up from to find that the world never came to an end after all. The world will go on as always and Frank will continue with his personal war on crime.