I’m very disgusted with Twitter!

By Sherry Konkus
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The Punisher cracks down on Twitter

This has nothing to do with #Twitter10K, but something far more serious than that! People, Twitter must be punished! “For what?” you wonder. “What crime did Twitter commit that incurred the wrath of Frank Castle, The Punisher?” Answer: Porn! Awful, disgusting, sickening exposure of porn Twitter fails to block time and time again! I have two Twitter accounts (@OwossoHarpist) and (@PunisherHarpist). And every time I go to check out the latest in Twitter trends from both sites, I end up coming across some horribly gross out images from a child with breast implants to people saying and doing explicitly sickening things with their genitals and other body parts! Posting such things online is a horrific crime marked for punishment!

I reported several of such tweets to Twitter. I even mute and block twitter accounts that post such crap! And yet these explicit scenes still persistently appear! What am I going to do? Close all my Twitter accounts!? Not use Twitter anymore? I’m sick seeing tweets containing explicit depictions of sickos forcing children into performing sex acts, urinating and pooping in public, make sickening remarks about bodily functions, glorifying sexual abuse, showing off their genitals, the list go on and on and on. Why won’t Twitter get rid of them all!? Not only are these tweets sickening, gross, and disgusting, they are AGAINST THE LAW!

And you know what The Punisher will do to law breakers such as the ones who post porn, especially child porn online.

You know what The Punisher will do to law breakers.

The Punisher from Spiderman and Animated Series

From Punisher Max.

Frank in a bar.

I tried to contact Twitter, but I couldn’t find where to go to directly get in contact with them. A lot of other people have been trying to contact Twitter to inform them about the problem. But it seems Twitter is not listening even though they announced months ago that they are seriously cracking down on twitter “trolls” who post abusive tweets, including child abuse and porn! These tweets are still permeating about on Twitter in one way or another in spite of me reporting them to Twitter and muting and blocking the accounts that post them. Something must be done to get rid of all those horrific tweets and accounts who post them permanently. If this keeps up, I’m afraid I’m going to have to close all my Twitter accounts and lay off Twitter until they finally do something that will permanently purge all of Twitter of porn, explicit sex and violent content, and exploitations of children, animals, and other minors.

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